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Bluey’s Batteries is owned and run by local people with over 30 years’ experience in the battery industry.


Bluey’s bring quality at the right price to our customers.


Bluey’s Batteries has the correct equipment to install, charge and test batteries.

Free testing is offered for Car, 4 x 4, Marine, Motor Cycle, Truck & Tractor Batteries


We have the ability to correctly test Deep Cycle, Mobility, Stand-By and AGM products at a minimal cost.

Bluey’s Batteries service the Newcastle and surrounding districts, both public and local business’ with on-site and roadside fitment (in most applications) and delivery.


Bluey’s Batteries stock a large range of products such as batteries, oils, battery chargers, battery accessories and much more.

Batteries for Automotive, 4x4, Marine, Motor Cycle, Deep Cycle, Solar, Truck, Tractor, Mobility Scooters, Golf Buggy & Golf Cart are available from our store.


Our quality suppliers include YHI Power, Lion Batteries, Ramcar, Federal Batteries & Fuchs Oil. Our Major brands include Neuton Power, Varta, Alco, Lion, Amaron, Trojan (Deep Cycle), Crown Deep Cycle, Deka Motor Cycle Batteries, Ritar AGM, Remco AGM, Rev Plus Motor Cycle, Fuchs Oil & Matson accessories.

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